Reflection on PD Experience

As a result of this experience, I feel more confident about approaching other industry professionals and talking to them. I am also inspired to develop my own range of products in the future with a knowledge on how to market myself and my products, I met some lovely contacts and I will feel comfortable approaching them in the future with a professional attitude.


My Wallpaper Range

Inspired by Jazmine’s Scribble It wall, I decided I would like to create a customisable wallpaper. At first I was hoping to do a wipeable product, but this seemed to be difficult with my budget, time limit, and desire to not use harmful chemicals to create the product.

I originally tried to hand-draw designs but i found it difficult, especially with creating pattern repeats, so I instead created several different digital patterns. I decided to create plain black and white patterns, similar to a colouring-in book which could be coloured in or left plain and would still look beautiful and elegant.

Restaurant Wallpaper (Pattern Repeat Evident)

‘Restaurant’ Wallpaper (Pattern Repeat Evident)

Single Pattern Repeat

Single Pattern Repeat of ‘Keys’

A section of the 'Retro' Pattern Repeat, illustrating how it would look partially coloured

A section of the ‘Retro’ Pattern Repeat, illustrating how it would look partially coloured

A depiction of how the 'Wildflower' Wallpaper would look in a room uncoloured.

A depiction of how the ‘Wildflower’ Wallpaper would look in a room uncoloured.

I researched other environmentally friendly products and decided I would like to ideally print on organic cotton, this means they could be left unstarched and used for cushions and other items, but will provide for a lovely texture as a wallpaper. I researched pesticide free wallpaper pastes and found a home-made recipe for wallpaper paste as well as how to create natural dyes (using herbs, plants, vegetables etc.) for a completely safe and eco- conscious design.

Dear Diary Design


During our visit to Design: Made: Trade I met Jazmine Bradley, a passionate textile and graphic designer. She has lovingly created a range of vibrant, fun and youthful products.

This from the website;
“DearDiary is a fun, fresh product label that brings vibrant, bold and trendy design to the now generation and anyone who loves to live brightly. DearDiary designs inspire people to feel energized in their surroundings, live positively, dream big and get creative! Not only providing cushions, wall decals, art prints, and stationery, but also print licensing and freelance designing.
Some of our creative inspiration includes retro patterns (obsessed), today’s technology (can’t live without), quirky characters (can tell a good story) motivational quotes (keep you on track), travelling the world (never-ending wish list) and of course, bright colours! (must-have)
All of our products are designed with passion in Melbourne and most are made right here in Australia too. We try to include ‘Earth-Friendly’ components where possible in our products such as various recycled contents and we run our design studio with sustainable practice in mind.
Our cushions are made from a combination of digitally printed and hand-screen printed (in Melbourne) cotton fabrics, with polyester insert fills and invisible zippers. Our paper products including notebooks, greeting cards and art prints, are made from a combination of recycled and art papers, and made/printed in Australia.”

“Ever since Jazmine could hold a pencil, she has been creative and crafty. From making and selling bookmarks in Primary school, to drawing shoe catalogs and sewing hand-made decorations.
A love for pattern, colour and drawing led Jazmine to study Textile Design at RMIT. Establishing a product label during her time at uni, she started selling hand-made, home decorations made from the screen-printed scraps leftover from projects.
After graduating, Jazmine re-launched her product label under the name ‘Dear Diary’. DearDiary is a label that reflects Jazmine’s true aspirations, love for vibrant colour and showcases her playful design aesthetic.
“My designs are very youthful and light hearted. I love to play with bright colours, create characters and tell a story in my patterns. All of my patterns use original freehand pen drawings, mark-making and some are drawn straight into the computer. I want my products to be both fun for teens, but also have a purpose and can be customized the way they like!”

Jazmine and her pop-up showroom at Design: Made: Trade

Jazmine and her pop-up showroom at Design: Made: Trade

My favourite product from the Dear Diary brand is the ‘Scribble It’ range, which allows YOU to customise the products just the way YOU like it. Add in your favourite colours, draw in more pattern details, collect messages from friends or write down inspiring quotes! What’s more awesome is, you can take the cushion to your next special event and have the guests sign it for a totally personal keepsake.
As part of her display Jazmine had used the fabric from her scribble it cushion as a wall panel.

The Scribble It Wall at Design Made Trade and some of Jazmine's range including the softies (speech bubble) cushions as well as the Scribble It pocket notebooks

The Scribble It Wall at Design Made Trade and some of Jazmine’s range including the softies (speech bubble) cushions as well as the Scribble It pocket notebooks

Furnitex / Decoration and Design / Design Made: Trade

On Thursday 18th, Leah and I attended Furnitex/Decoration and Design at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.
We got on the train to Melbourne just before 7am.
When we arrived in Melbourne at 10:30am we had recieved this text from the organisers
After buying a small notebook to make notes in, we proceeded to Furnitex/Decoration/Design Made:Trade


Unfortunately we were unable to take many photos, but we both received tote bags and collected lots of information and samples and spoke with many different people.

We also attended a talk by Romy Alwill (known from the Airwick ads, among other achievements such as once being the interior design editor at Belle Magazine and establishing Coco Republic). You can watch the ad here at Romy’s talk was about Designing across the Spectrum. She spoke about trends, particularly in social media and television and magazines and marketing yourself for these areas.