Electrical Quote

I contacted a friend of mine who is an electrician, he quoted me $800-900 for the space including labour and materials.


Laminex Visit

As part of the hard materials and finishes subject, today we visited National Tiles and Laminex

At Laminex we had a talk from Glen on Laminex products in terms of both a domestic and commercial application


Splashback “Metaline” – Aluminium based composition product, can go behind electric and gas cooktops, but must have a 30 mm distance between the cooktop edge and the splashback, due to safety regulations (gap acts as an air buffer, warranty/house insurance will be voided if not complied with) . Metaline can be bent to an internal or external corner. Sheets are 3600 long by 1500 or 1800 wide. The metaline product competes against glass. Relatively scratch resistant – can use car polish to buff out scratches. Labour component of installation reduced dramatically, no need to take off site to shape and then reshape once fitted. Glass splashbacks in comparison take 4-6 weeks to install whereas Metaline can be installed in 20 minutes, meaning an entire kitchen can be completed in 2 days. For vertical use only. Anti-rust inhibitor on back, can be used in showers. Usually 10-15% cheaper than glass to install. Glass $6-800 per lineal m while metaline is $4-500.

Bench top Solid stone “Freestyle” – Acrylic based product. Labour component 60% of bill

Bench top “Essa Stone” – Resin based product with 95% Quartz. Same product as Caeserstone, just offers different colours.

Bench top Laminate – Made of paper in layers

Layers (top to bottom)

  • Release Paper (shiny surface)
  • Overlay – Clear Plastic (wear resistance)
  • Decorative paper, such as tissue paper
  • Craft/Brown Paper (thickness and wear resistance)
Laminate can not be repaired if burnt
Laminex Laminate “180FX” only laminate in Australia that doesn’t repeat across the 3.6m length.
Doors – core is moisture resistant (MR) craft wood, vinyl front, vacuum pressed to craft wood.
Styles – Melamine, square edge, contour doors, painted doors (texture, satin and gloss)

Glossary: CRI (Colour Rendering Index)

Colour Rendering Index or C.R.I measures the light level against natural daylight. Daylight has a C.R.I level of 100 and light globes have a rating of how close, in terms of brightness, they are to natural light, e.g. fluorescent globes usually have a CRI of 90 . Other factors such as colour temperature represented by k is important too.

Solatube Pricing


The eChoice Thermal Insulate Panel is an extra $30.00 +GST for the 160DS (product code: A-420230) and $58.00 +GST for the 2900DS (product code A-420240)

The prices given on the website do not include the shaft (that runs from the roof to the ceiling).

The pricing for the shaft extensions are:

Solatube 160DS are: 400mm = $75.00 +GST; 600mm = $100.00 +GST

Solatube 290DS are: 400mm = $100.00 +GST; 600mm = $125.00 +GST

New Diffusers/Glass Distractions – http://www.belledaylighting.com.au/GlassDistractions