Furnitex / Decoration and Design / Design Made: Trade

On Thursday 18th, Leah and I attended Furnitex/Decoration and Design at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.
We got on the train to Melbourne just before 7am.
When we arrived in Melbourne at 10:30am we had recieved this text from the organisers
After buying a small notebook to make notes in, we proceeded to Furnitex/Decoration/Design Made:Trade


Unfortunately we were unable to take many photos, but we both received tote bags and collected lots of information and samples and spoke with many different people.

We also attended a talk by Romy Alwill (known from the Airwick ads, among other achievements such as once being the interior design editor at Belle Magazine and establishing Coco Republic). You can watch the ad here at http://www.airwick.com.au/as-seen-on-tv.php?video=5. Romy’s talk was about Designing across the Spectrum. She spoke about trends, particularly in social media and television and magazines and marketing yourself for these areas.


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